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About us

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About us

About us

We are one of the largest independent headset suppliers in Austria, located in Vienna. Our company was founded in 1994 and therefore belongs to the oldest companies in Europe dealing mainly with headsets.

We carry headsets for telephony of all well-known manufacturers and brands like EPOS | Sennheiser, JPL, Jabra GN Netcom and Poly | HP | Plantronics.

In addition to our telephone headsets, we offer special headset solutions for police, fire department, military, control centers, air traffic control, industry and sports.

For factory tours, city tours, museums and for events you will find TourGuide and AudioGuide systems, also in rental for your event!

Below you will find some historical information about our company based in Vienna.


Our distribution company was founded in 1994 by Ing. Franz Drnek in Vienna as a sole proprietorship with the name "communication products" and has thus been active in the headset market for almost 30 years.

Our founder Franz Drnek has been in the business even longer. He was previously employed for several years at the Viennese headphone and microphone manufacturer AKG (Akustische und Kinogeräte AG), where he established the distribution of Ceotronics' headsets from Rödermark/Urberach in Germany, in which AKG had a stake, in Austria and the Eastern European market.

After the foundation of the own company in 1994 and the first two already successful business years, a cooperation with the then newly founded "Imtradex Hör-/Sprechsysteme GmbH" in Dreieich / Germany was established in 1996 and the exclusive distribution of their products for Austria and Eastern Europe was taken over. Due to the close and good cooperation (and to document this also to the outside) the company name Imtradex was taken over also for Austria.

In addition to the Imtradex products, which are mainly headsets for telephones, radios and control centers, we also distribute telephone headsets of the brands Plantronics (now HP / Poly), GN Netcom (now Jabra) and later also from Sennheiser (now EPOS) and JPL.

Furthermore there is a cooperation with Meder CommTech from Singen/Hohentwiel since the foundation of the company in 1994. Here Imtradex Austria sells people guidance systems (TourGuide systems) for factory tours and museums, as well as interpretation systems.

Furthermore, Imtradex Austria has been selling its own group guidance radio systems called EcoGuide since 2010, as well as CityGuide (for city tours) since 2016. Then in 2019, the Talk2Guide and EcoGuide Mini were added to the portfolio. With the Talk2Guide system, queries were now also possible via the system for the first time. In 2021, the EcoGuide Twice completed the EcoGuide family that had been created in the meantime. With EcoGuide Twice, in addition to queries, 2 transmitters are now also possible on one and the same channel, which makes the tours even more interactive and multifaceted.

Another cooperation has been in place since 2014 with the company Invisio from Denmark. This partnership expands our program in the military and police special operations command area. Here it is about high quality headsets and PTT control devices, on the one hand to be able to use multiple voice channels and devices simultaneously and on the other hand to ensure full external noise perception with directionality despite hearing protection.

Since 2015, Imtradex Austria has been the exclusive distribution partner of the Swiss company Sonova / Phonak Communications (communications division). This partnership complements the Imtradex program in the police-authorities sector. Here, the focus is predominantly on covert communications. We have been pleased to equip the Austrian police and their special units for many years.

Another very important cooperation has existed since 2016 with the company Titan from Denmark in the police and fire department sector. Here it is mainly about helmet headsets of all kinds. Here, too, the Austrian police, for example the police motorcyclists for many years, as well as the Vienna professional fire department since 2022, are among our major customers.

In 2020, the professional full-duplex intercom system Vokkero was added to our product range to also cover this application area, i.e. intercom-based voice communication (hands remain free, no talk button has to be pressed). For sometimes extreme noise conditions, we have access to many suitable accessories, including hearing protection headsets from 3M Peltor. Of course, we also offer 3M Peltor headsets for police and military applications.

Furthermore, we have a long-standing partnership with the company Digitast/Straubtec in the area of foot switches and the company SDZ for headsets for the control center area.

Due to our well established web address "headsets.at" for many years and our meanwhile very strongly expanded international business activities, we have changed our previous name "Imtradex Hör-Sprechsysteme GesmbH" to "headsets.at - Imtradex Communications GmbH" in March 2023.